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Imaging Force-Dependent Cytoskeletal Dynamics in Tumour Cells

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Actin-based cell membrane protrusions are known to drive growth and movement of cancer cells but the mechanisms initiating these processes are poorly understood. Tumour microenvironments exhibit complex and heterogeneous forces that are emerging as important cues in controlling cytoskeletal dynamics. However, analysis of cytoskeletal dynamics in 3D matrices has proven extremely challenging due to limitations in imaging approaches. This project will combine the development of advanced microscopy with computational modeling to define the impact of force on cytoskeletal dynamics and tumour cell invasion in 3D environments. This will provide novel tools and insight into studying cancer cell behavior within more physiologically relevant settings.

Disciplines and Techniques
Project supervisor/s
Dr. Susan Cox
Susan's research is a super-resolution fluorescence microscopy technique called localisation microscopy (also known as photoactivatable localisation microscopy (PALM) or stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy (STORM)).
King's College London
Professor Maddy Parsons
Maddy's research is aimed at understanding the mechanisms that regulate adhesion and migration in adherent cells.
King's College University
Local dimensionality determines imaging speed in localization microscopy
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2017 Jan 12
Fascin regulates nuclear movement and deformation in migrating cells
Jayo A, Malboubi M, Antoku S, Chang W, Ortiz-Zapater E, Grien C, Pfisterer K, Toole T, Charras G, Gundersen GG, Parsons M.
Dev Cell. 38(4):371-83
2016 Aug 22
Bayesian localisation microscopy reveals nanoscale podosome dynamics
Cox S*, Rosten E*, Monypenny J, Jovanovic-Talisman T, Burnette DT, Lippincott-Schwartz J, Jones GE, Heintzmann R.
Nature Methods. 9(2):195
A direct interaction between fascin and microtubules contributes to adhesion dynamics and cell migration
Villari G, Jayo A, Zanet J, Fitch B, Serrels B, Frame M, Stramer B, Goult BT, Parsons M.
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