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Exploring the Switch Between Mesenchymal and Amoeboid Cancer Cell Migration Using Microfluidics and MATLAB Based Analysis of Live Cell Imaging

Matthias Krause Research Image

Metastasis is the primary cause of cancer related deaths. Crucially, any potential treatment of metastasis, which may target increased migration, needs to take into account that cancer cell migration is plastic, i.e. that cancer cells can easily switch between a mesenchymal and a contractility driven amoeboid migration mode. The latter mode can be induced by confining cells. However, it is not known how cancer cells can actively switch between these two modes. In this project, you will explore a novel mechanosensor that may act as a physiological switch between mesenchymal and amoeboid 3D cancer cell migration.

Disciplines and Techniques
Project supervisor/s
Dr. Matthias Krause
Matthias's research focuses on the elucidation of mechanisms that regulate cytoskeletal remodelling during cell migration and axon guidance.
King's College London
Professor Victoria Sanz-Moreno
Victoria's research is to decipher how the cytoskeleton controls cancer via cross-talk with the transcriptional machinery.
Queen Mary University of London
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