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Development and Application of Novel Mitochondrial Imaging Technologies in the Nervous System

Joseph Bateman Research Image

Mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell and are key players in cellular metabolism. Many of the fundamental roles of mitochondria in neurons are still unknown due to the lack of tools for manipulating and monitoring mitochondrial function. In this project the student will develop novel mitochondrial imaging technologies in mammalian cultured neurons and in neuronal subtypes in the living brain in Drosophila. Optogenetics, combined with fluorescent reporters of mitochondrial function will be used at the subcellular level in mammalian neurons and in neural circuits in Drosophila. This project will reveal fundamental new insights into mitochondrial neurobiology

Disciplines and Techniques
Project supervisor/s
Dr. Joseph Bateman
Joseph's research is to understand basic processes in neural function and development by identifying the key pathways and genes involved and to use this information to provide novel insight into neuropathological disease.
King's College London
Professor Michael Duchen
Michaels's research is focused on interrelationships between calcium signaling, mitochondria and free radicals in cell physiology and pathophysiology.
University College London
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