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Trupti Gore Awarded The Oracle For Research Grant

Trupti Gore has been awarded the Oracle for Research Cloud Grant for her PhD project, Deep learning methods to predict T Cell function.

The Oracle for Research grant is built to support the work of scientific researchers.

The award provides £44,850 in cloud credits which gives awardees 12 months of access to Oracle Cloud Services and infrastructure, which includes access to the latest technology used in research, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, cloud storage and database services.

Trupti’s project Is heavily based in the use of deep learning models.

Trupti: “This research project aims to develop a novel deep-learning method to address a key challenge in the field of immunology: the prediction of human T-cell function. This is a computationally intensive task.

‘Access to sufficient compute resources was the main bottleneck inhibiting the progress. A primary prerequisite for undertaking various milestones in this project was to gain access to GPUs with adequate memory. ‘

This Oracle Project award will allow us to parallelize many of the training tasks and significantly expand the scope and depth of the testing and model training that could be done. Using the NVidia A10 GPUs available in the Oracle Cloud would allow us to experiment with larger model architectures that do not fit in the memory of the older GPUs we have access to on-premises.”

Trupti conducts her research between Birkbeck College London and Kings College London.