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Swathi Kumar: Biorender Graphical Abstract Competition Finalist!

Cancer Biology PhD student, Swathi Kumar was a Finalist in the 2020 Biorender Graphical Abstract Competition. 

Over 1,500 Principal Investigators and Senior Scientists served as expert judges across 8 Life Science fields. Among the categories were: Molecular Biology, Genetics & Biology, Anatomy, Physiology & Medicine, Bioinformatics & Biotechnologies, Neuroscience, Cognitive Science and Psychology.

Swathi said she was looking for a productive way to utilise her time during lockdown.

"At the time I was doing a rotation project based on RNA biology and cancer biology and I came across a paper about RNA nanoparticles improving chemotherapeutic drug delivery.

Swathi's entry fell under the Cell Biology and is targeted towards Undergraduates and above. 

'I thought the contest would be a fun way to pass the time while working from home, so I designed a graphical abstract to summarise the paper’s findings. To my great surprise, my entry was named an expert’s choice finalist!

'This experience has encouraged me to consider designing graphical abstracts, instead of writing traditional abstracts, for future papers and theses."

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