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SPACER: The Free Social Distancing App

With a background in Dentistry, Marketing and Co-Founder of the Medical Intel Group, Sagar Jadeja has been working on a new innovative project called SPACER, a free social distancing application for smart phones.

The app connects with other devices to estimate their proximity while limiting the data transmitted to also protect users privacy. A log is then created so at the end of the day you get an estimate to the number of people you may be exposed to.

The project is in partnership with Innovate UK and is in development to help combat COVID-19. The team aim to launch the app in late August. 

Sagar said: "We are reaching a point where we will soon be releasing to the app store and play store.

'Im not an app developer or tech specialist but ​getting to work in a team with them is amazing, surrounding yourself with great people and minds can help you achieve greater things."

You can check out Sagar and his team's work through their website -