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Leanne Cleaver: Evidence for Proline Utilization by Oral Bacterial Biofilms Grown in Saliva

Within the mouth bacteria are starved of saccharides as their main nutrient source between meals and it is unclear what drives their metabolism.

Previously oral in vitro biofilms grown in saliva have shown proteolytic degradation of salivary proteins and increased extracellular proline. Although arginine and glucose have been shown before to have an effect on oral biofilm growth and activity, there is limited evidence for proline.

Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy was used to identify extracellular metabolites produced by bacteria in oral biofilms grown on hydroxyapatite discs. Biofilms were inoculated with stimulated whole mouth saliva and then grown for 7 days using sterilized stimulated whole mouth saliva supplemented with proline, arginine or glucose as a growth-medium.

Overall proline had a beneficial effect on biofilm growth—with significantly fewer dead bacteria present by biomass and surface area of the biofilms (p < 0.05). Where arginine and glucose significantly increased and decreased pH, respectively, the pH of proline supplemented biofilms remained neutral at pH 7.3–7.5. 

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