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Claudia Sisa: Properdin - A Novel Target for Neuroprotection in Neonatal Hypoxic- Ischemic Brain Injury

Properdin, which is involved in stabilisation of the alternative pathway convertases, is the only known positive regulator of alternative complement activation. Absence of the classical pathway in the neonatal HI brain is neuroprotective. However, there is a paucity of data on the participation of the alternative pathway and in particular the role of properdin in HI brain damage.

Our study aimed to validate the effect of global properdin deletion in two mouse models: HI alone and LPS-sensitized HI, thus addressing two different clinical scenarios.our data suggests a critical role for properdin, and possibly also a contribution in neonatal HI alone and in infection-sensitized HI brain damage.

Thus, properdin can be considered a novel target for treatment of neonatal HI brain damage.(Click here to read full publication