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Alex Crozier: Support for self-isolation is critical in covid-19 response

The resurgence of covid-19 in the autumn of 2020 in many northern countries, including the UK, has been associated with tremendous morbidity and mortality.

Before vaccination, the public health response focused on testing and population-wide restrictions, with the goal of decreasing contact between susceptible and contagious individuals. Striking and widening disparities in covid-19 related outcomes have highlighted the intersection of socioeconomic disadvantage and health inequalities, enhanced by structural racism.

1234 Socioeconomically disadvantaged and many ethnic minority groups have been disproportionately affected, with increased risk of infection, hospital admission, and death.

Despite the vaccine rollout, many younger people, particularly those working in high exposure occupations, living in overcrowded housing, or without a home will remain subject to an ongoing burden of quarantine orders, along with a disproportionate risk of infection and onward transmission for the foreseeable future.

159 An equitable and effective public health response requires the integration of supportive services to effectively decrease their contact rates and subsequently risk of infection.

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