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Biosciences is the source of some of the most perplexing physical and chemical puzzles in the natural world, the solutions of which will have profound consequences for life, health, industry and a range of global challenges.

The LIDo DTP has always highlighted the power and well-established role of physical and mathematical sciences in solving profound biological problems, in fact this is at the heart of the programme’s drive for interdisciplinarity.

There is a very long tradition of physicists, chemists and mathematicians, and now engineers and computer scientists, leading in biological discovery. For this reason, LIDo offers a wide range of very attractive opportunities for scientists with talent and interests in these fields to study for a PhD and to develop into the next generation of bioscience research leaders and innovators.

Bioscience and biotechnology problems range from the atomic and microscopic realm e.g. molecules, cells, their components and their individual and collective behaviours, up to planet-wide challenges for food production and diseases. Like all biology, important problems have their foundation in complexity and systems behaviours, and this interest, coupled to technical advances in instrumentation, has today made biological sciences the largest source of raw data for analysis, outstripping other disciplines.
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