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Creating Novel Bio-Adhesives using Genetically Programmed Protein Assembly

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We will use genetically programmed intein-mediated protein ligation to assemble specific protein modules from molluscs/bacterial biofilms into novel adhesive fibres and gels. This will be achieved by combining our exclusive/innovative recombinant fusion protein system and our knowledge on bacterial biofilm/mollusc adhesion proteins. Utilising the recombinant fusion protein system, we will be able to directionally self-assemble protein modules into the desired bio-adhesive. By combining fusions correctly, predictable arrays of adhesive fibres and gels will be formed with controllable properties/architectures. This technology offers a low-cost highly tuneable platform technology to produce novel adhesives.

Disciplines and Techniques
Project supervisor/s
Dr. Ewan Main
Ewan's research area is in biochemistry/molecular biophysics and in particular the folding, design and molecular interactions of proteins.
Queen Mary University of London
Dr. James Garnett
Jame's research is unravelling the molecular details of host-pathogen interactions; in particular the structure and function of bacterial biofilms, secretion systems and secreted proteins that promote infection.
King's College University
Scalable geometrically designed protein cages assembled via genetically encoded split Inteins
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